New Price List 2024

New Price List 2024

Fees for translations in 2024

The new price list 2024 offers you an overview of the fees for translations and related services as well as the discounts I offer. Allmost all my fees remain unchanged except the hourly rate, which slightly increases in comparison to the previous year. Tip or click on the screenshot or the button to view and download the current price list.

Moderate fees for translations in 2024

During the last years, the cost of living in Germany has been increasing sharply. This development is also affecting freelancers. To ensure our existence in the future, we have to raise our prices like other sectors with low-profit margins. Since 2012, I have kept my prices constant. Therefore, a price increase was long overdue last year.

Future development

The inflation rate amounted in Germany in 2022 to an average of 6.9 per cent and in 2023 of 5.9 per cent In comparison, the average inflation rate five years ago was 1.76 per cent. If the trend in consumer prices continues, the prices will also continue to rise in the coming years. I will keep track of the development and inform you of any changes in good time.