Consistent quality assurance makes the difference!

Compass needle points to the German word for quality as a symbol for quality assurance in technical translation
Quality assurance in technical translation & localisation

Quality assurance for technical translations

My quality assurance system is aligned with the following goals:

  •     Customer-friendly handling of translation and localisation projects including gapless documentation

  •     Execution of translation work in accordance with good practices of the trade including the use of appropriate tools and all available sources of information

  •     Constant quality on a high level and avoidance/elimination of errors to the greatest possible extent by means of suitable review procedures

  •     Delivery always to the agreed deadline

Translation order handling

I reply to each enquiry within one workday. You will receive either my quotation or notification as to when the quotation will be submitted if the download or conversion of large or numerous files is involved in the preparation of the offer.

Each quotation includes the price, the prospective term of delivery, the form of delivery and the payment term. Under normal conditions, your order will be confirmed on the next workday. The order confirmation states all ordered services including the prices, the actual delivery deadline and any other agreements made with you.

On the stated date of delivery, your translation will be sent per e-mail to the specified address until 6 p.m. at the latest. All sub-projects such as the four-eyes review or conversion or layout work are handled in the same way,

The entire project is monitored and documented together with the accompanying correspondence in such a manner that data privacy, safety and traceability are ensured.

Translation and localisation work

A translation is not the conversion of words or word groups from one language to another. A good translation requires much more. It should always address the group of recipients in the target culture in the same way as it does in the source culture. Only qualified professional translators know how to do this.

A translation is supposed to express the contents of the source text completely and correctly in the target language. Terminology must be up-to-date and typical for this sector of industry. The style and the choice of words must be appropriate for the type of text. The best translation reads as if it was originally written in German.

I work in a small team of professional graduate translators with expertise and experience in technical translation. Our technical equipment provides for efficient and professional work and ensures data privacy and security.

In addition to the consultation of electronic and online dictionaries and encyclopedias, our research work includes internet research on relevant websites and check-back with the ordering party. We clarify all questions or discrepancies with you and inform you about errors in the source text where necessary.

Quality assurance measures

Each translation is submitted to stringent quality control and, optionally, checked by a second translator or proofreader. The proofreading procedure includes comprehensive checks of each translation regarding the following criteria:

  •     Completeness

  •     Correctness of content and terminology

  •     Correct spelling and grammar and appropriate use of language

  •     Compliance with the agreements made with the client

  •     Layout true to the original

Quality assurance is included in the quoted prices per word/line or flat rates.

As an option, we offer an additional review of the translation in compliance with the four-eyes principle as per DIN EN ISO 17100. A second translator or professional proofreader checks the translation for compliance with the above-mentioned criteria. I recommend the four-eyes review for all texts intended for publication.

The four-eyes review is invoiced on the basis of a word or hourly rate. Please refer to our Price list for the current rates.