Technical Translations in HVAC

Service room with heating and cooling plant as a symbol of technical translations for the HVAC sector.
Specialist translations in HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

Climate protection and engergy efficiency of buildings

We are facing dramatic changes in the HVAC sector. Climate protection demands a withdrawal from fossil fuels and the energy efficiency of buildings plays a major role when it comes to limiting global warming. This is why heating, cooling and ventilation systems are of great importance for energy efficiency. In order to achieve a high level of comfort for the users while keeping energy consumption as low as possible, a perfect interplay of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as the seamless integration of these systems into the BMS, is required. Combined systems for heating, cooling and ventilation will also become increasingly important in the private residential sector.

Be there from the start. Present your products and systems not only on the domestic market but also in neighbouring countries and internationally. In doing so, highlight the benefits of your HVAC systems in terms of climate protection and energy efficiency. Convince technical planners, heating engineers, installers, architects and building owners of your innovative solutions.

This can only be achieved with a presentation that stands out from the competition and that points out clearly the advantages of your systems and products.

Get to the point with your texts in the HVAC sector

Get support in writing the German presentation of your product and service offer or revising existing texts. I will not only check the correctness of spelling and grammar in your texts but also put the content through its paces:

  •     Is the style adequate for the type of text?

  •     Are the phrases concise?

  •     Is the red thread clear?

  •     Is the target group adequately addressed?
  •     Does the text satisfy requirements of search engines?

You can find more information on text review and optimisation on the Text Revision page.

Present your HVAC equipment in the German-speaking region

Be at the forefront across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Present your innovative systems for building services and/or heating, air conditioning and ventilation also to your German neighbours. To ensure the success of these presentations, have your texts translated professionally and appropriately into German. When choosing a translation service provider, pay attention to the following criteria:

  •     Is the translator a native speaker of German?

  •     Is he/she specialised in HVAC translations?

  •     Does he/she offer expertise in this sector?

  •     Is he/she familiar with the terminology typically used in this sector?
  •     Will he/she seek clarification of questions concerning the technical background?

Rely on specialists for translations in the field of HVAC

I have specialised in the translation of technical texts for building services with a focus on heating, air conditioning and ventilation. In cooperation with selected colleagues, we offer you all of the aforementioned services.

Since 1990, I have been following the developments in this industry as a translator. My first job as a technical translator was at the federal building authority Staatsbauamt in Landau, now LBB. During this employment, translations of texts dealing with HVAC formed an integral part of my translation work at the authority.

One of the first new customers, after I became self-employed, was a manufacturer of ventilation systems for commercial kitchens and air cleaners for mechanical engineering applications. I have been working intensively with Rentschler REVEN GmbH since 2002. Other customers, such as Kühlturm Karlsruhe (now Gohl-KTK GmbH), Steegmüller Kaminoflex and WEM GmbH followed. I also receive many orders from the HVAC sector, such as specifications for air-conditioning systems.

Take a look at my credentials, project descriptions or let me convince you with a test translation. It is free of charge up to a length of 200 words in the source text.